Shading and Dividers


This Section allows you to create grids with alternating colors on their rows or columns. You can also create lines to separate you rows here.

Alternate Row Shading

Checking this box creates rows with alternating colors. The Alternate row shading property comes with two additional properties, Even row band size and Odd row band size . The 'even' and 'odd' refer to the alternating colors. The number after each property indicates how many grid rows each color band encompasses. The default setting for both color bands is 1.

Alternate Column Shading

Checking this box creates columns with alternating colors. Checking the Alternate Column Shading property reveals two more properties, Even column band size and Odd column band size.

Row Separator

The Row separator property defines whether there should be separating line between rows. The divider is more noticeable in some styles.

Conditional Style (Server-Side)

You can use the Conditional style property under the Display Settings section of Field Properties to set conditional styles for individual fields. The conditional expressions can refer to the special fields.

Show row labels

The Show row labels property displays the field name of a given row. This only works in Columnar grids, i.e. Form(Columnar) and Stacked Columnar grids, because Tabular grids have column labels, not row labels. To turn on row labels check the checkbox next to the Show row labels property. To turn off this feature, leave the checkbox unchecked.

Suppress repeated row labels

When you have the snaking column option turned on, and you are displaying row labels for fields, using the 'Suppress repeated row labels' property allows you to display the labels only for the record in column one of the snaking layout. This creates a much cleaner and narrower layout, as show in the images below.