Toolbar Functions


The Grid Builder contains the following tools on it's toolbar.

    • Save 

      Saves the currently open grid.

    • Save As 

      Saves the currently open grid after asking for the path and filename.

    • Save Page 

      Creates a temporary file that contains the grid, optionally opening the page in the HTML Editor.

    • Open 

      Allows you to select and open an existing grid from any of your projects.

    • New 

      Allows you to create a new grid.

    • Browser 

      Displays the grid component in a temporary page in your browser of choice.

    • Remote Test 

      Test on a remote device (such as a phone or tablet)

    • Publish 

      Publishes the grid to the destination associated with the selected profile.

    • Web Projects 

      Displays the Web Projects Control Panel.

    • SQL 

      Loads the SQL Tools menu.

    • Web Style Builder 

      Opens the Web Style Builder

    • Server 

      Turn the server on and off, when on the server icon appears green.

    • Close 

      Closes the Grid Builder.