Login Component


The Login Component is used with the Alpha Anywhere Web Security System. It provides an interface for users to enter their credentials (i.e. user name and password) as well as optional options for password reset.

Creating Login Components

After you have defined all security parameters, you may build a login component. A login component may include up to 3 "views". All login components have a login view. This includes the fields for entering a user ID and password and may include links to other views. If the security settings allow a user to change his or her password on-line, a second view named "Change Password" is available. This allows you to configure a specific component layout for changing passwords. If the security settings allow the user to recover lost login information, a third view named "Lost Info" is available. This will show various fields that are used to verify the identity of a user and return the requested login information.

Login Component Properties

Covers component names, login properties, change password, lost info

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