The 'Code' section of the UX Builder is where you can define any Javascript and Xbasic functions that are called inside of the component you are building. This section of the UX documentation also includes an explanation of Client Side Templates.

Client-side Templates

There are a rich set of template directives that make templates both extremely powerful and also easy to use.

Javascript in UX Components

Topics covering Javascript in UX Components, where it can be added, and using various Action Javascript actions that are available.

UX Component - Mobile Applications - Location Information

Current location information can be used in several actions in Action Javascript. These actions include Ajax Callbacks, Centering a Map, Placing a Marker on a Map, Filtering a List for Records within the Vicinity of the Current Location.

Xbasic in UX Components

The Xbasic functions page allows you to define Xbasic functions that can be used on the server.