Getting a Google Maps Javascript API Key


After saving a map control and then attempting to view it in Live Preview, you might be greeted with an error message in place of a map. If this happens, it might be due to the fact that Google requires an API key to be entered before it allows developers to use the Google Map feature in their Apps.

Entering an API key 

  1. If you already have a Google Maps API key then you should go to the Project Properties menu in the Web Projects Control Panel.

  2. Paste the key in the

How to get an API key from Google? 

If you don't have an API key to insert you can easily get one from Google. To do this you will probably need a developers account, a simple gmail account will work as well for demonstration purposes. If you have a gmail account open here is what you do.

  1. From the gmail account you use for development enter the following into the url.
  2. This will open an Overview page.

  3. Find the Google Maps APIs section of the Overview page and click on GoogleMaps Javascript API

  4. A 'Create a project' page will open. If you agree to Google's terms of service you can click 'Create'.

  5. Once the project is created click the 'Enable' button.

  6. Click the 'Go to Credentials' button.

  7. The Credentials page will open. Click on API key in the first step.

  8. Click the 'Server key' option in the Create a new key dialog

  9. Click 'Create'

  10. Your API key will appear. Copy the key. This key is specific to you.

  11. Now go to the Project Properties menu in the Web Projects Control Panel.

  12. Paste the key into the Google Maps API key property in the Javascript Libraries section of the Run-time Properties list.