Map Control


Inserts a map control into a UX component.

Displaying Driving Directions on a Map Control

When you place a map on a UX Component you can call any of the various methods that map object exposes. There are quite a few different methods exposed by the map object. In this example we show how the .plotRoute() method can be used topic display a route and driving directions for a starting and ending address.

Getting a Google Maps Javascript API Key

After saving a map control and then attempting to view it in Live Preview, you might be greeted with an [error message] in place of a map. If this happens, it might be due to the fact that Google requires an API key to be entered before it allows developers to use the Google Map feature in their Apps.

Placing a Map Control on a UX Component

Place a simple map control on a UX Component and set basic properties of the map object.

A Simple Map Control