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Additional Data Controls


The AudioPlayer control allows you to add a control to the UX to play audio files. Rich Data Capture.

AudioRecorderAndPlayer Control

The AudioRecorderAndPlayer control allows you to add a control to the UX component to play audio files and to record audio files in PhoneGap applications. Rich Data Capture.


Displays a list of menu items. Menus can have sub-menus. Sub-menus are animated into view when expanded.


This control is used for a field that only allow integer values and the value can be set by clicking buttons to increment/decrement the integer value. The integer value control makes it easy for users to select an integer that can then be used to set the value of another control inside a component.

Multi-select Token Control

The Multi-select Token control is a dropdown control with an auto-complete list that inserts tokens that can be removed by clicking an 'x' button on the token or using the delete or backspace key on the keyboard.

SemiCircularNumberDisplay Control

The SemiCircularNumberDisplay control can be used to display numeric data as a semi-circular chart.

SpreadsheetInput Control

Displays a spreadsheet style grid for editing values.


Star Ratings are a common way to add input.


The Step Indicator control is used to show what step a user is on in a multi-step action.


Adds a data-bound VideoPlayer control to a component.


Add-in Controls

The UX Builder allows you to define add-in data bound controls. These are control that are defined externally and are available in the UX Builder just like any of the built-in controls.


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