Creating a Spin List using Data Series


A Spin List control can be based on Static Data or a Data Series. When a Spin List control is populated with Data Series, the values in the Spin List are dynamically populated at run-time.

 Creating a Spin List Control with Data Series

To base the list of options in a Spin List control on a Data Series, the Method for defining list property must be set to DataSeries. Before you can configure the Spin List control to use a Data Series, however, you must first define the Data Series.

Once the Data Series has been created, it can be used to populate the choices in the Spin List control. Click the smart field for the Data series mapping Spin List Property to open the "Data Series" dialog.

In the Data Series dialog, select the Data Series and sub-series to use for the Displayed value in the Spin List. You can also choose a sub-series to use as the Stored value for the Spin List control. Both the displayed value and stored value must be from the same Data Series.

When the UX Component loads the Spin List, the Data Series is calculated and used to populate the Spin List control.

If a Data Series is used to create cascading spin lists, you may need to refresh a child Spin List control when the value in the parent control changes. This is done by calling the {dialog.object}.refreshDataSeries method, which can be placed in the OnSelect property for the parent Spin List on which the child Spin List control is filtered:


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