TextBox controls provide an means to create new text that can be entered into other controls, such as a list control. Through its 'Lookup' properties, in the control properties list, a Textbox can also be used to create Edit-Combo boxes that display a list of choices that users can select from. You can also add buttons to a textbox that will allow you to clear entered data, search for entries in a list, filter a list, or run some customized javascript code or action.

Dynamically Re-populate the Choices in an Edit-Combo using Javascript

Text box controls can be used to create edit combo boxes. The choices shown in an edit-combo can then be dynamically repopulated at run-time using Javascript.

Add In-control Buttons to a TextBox

You can place buttons inside a textbox control to clear entered text, search, filter, or run any number of customized actions or code.

See also the TextBox Properties section of the documentation for information on TextBox settings. If you are creating a component with a Form View control see also the pre-defined Editor-Textbox control under the 'Defined Controls' menu on the UX Controls page.