Create static HTML files...


Generate a static HTML version of your UX component. Several different files will be generated (e.g. .html, .css, .js, etc.). The collection of files is referred to as a 'fileset'. You must save the component that you want to convert to HTML before you can use this feature.

 Static HTML Files

Component alias

Specify an alias for this component. The alias is used to generate the object name for the component at runtime.



Specify the folder where the files should be generated. The files will be generated inside a sub-folder in this folder. If you select the <Webroot> the files will be generated in a folder in your Alpha Anywhere webroot and you will be able to do a Remote Preview on a mobile device or Live Preview in your browser.


Specify the name for this fileset. The generated files are placed in a sub-folder with this name inside a specified 'Folder'


Additional assets to include in Fileset

Specify the filenames of any additional files in the Web Project that you want to include in the fileset.

Create application manifest

Specify if an application manifest file should be created.

Show manifest

Specify if the manifest should be shown after it has been created. This will allow you to apply manual edits to the list in the manifest.

Manifest filter rules

You can define rules to automatically filter out certain files from the manifest.

URL Ajax callbacks

Specify the URL for any ajax callbacks that are made from the page.

Overwrite without warning

Specify if the warning should be shown before overwriting

 After Fileset Create

Open in browser

Upload files to Amazon S3 storage

You can upload the files in the fileset to a bucket in Amazon S3 storage.

Storage connection string

To define a storage connection string go to the 'Tools' menu in the Web Projects Control Panel.

Sub-folder name in Amazon S3 storage

Specify the folder within Amazon S3 storage that you want to store the static html file


Set embedded mode on

 Create a static HTML version of a Component.

  1. Create a component and save it.

  2. On the UX Builder's UX Controls page click the 'Menu' dropdown in the toolbar and select the 'Create static HTML files' option.

  3. In the Static HTML UX Generator dialog's 'Location' section's 'Folder' property specify where you want to store the file

  4. Click the [...] button next to the 'Name' property and gice the Static HTML a name. Click OK.

  5. Minimize Alpha Anywhere and open your computers file manager. Navigate to the folder where you saved the Static HTML version of you component.

  6. Click on the index page to open static version of the component in a browser.

  7. Result: