Data Binding


You can use data binding to create new tables with fields that can then be used within the UX component. This is done on the 'Data Binding' page of the UX Builder. Once the data from a new or existing table has been bound to the component you can use the properties in this section to bind a control to one of the fields in that databound table. It is also possible to match controls to a data bound table on the Data Binding page itself.


This property is relevant only if you have defined Data Binding for the dialog. Specify if the value in this control should be saved to a field in a table. If this box is unchecked, the control is still editable, and the value in the control will still be submitted when the Dialog is submitted.

Table alias

Specify the table alias to which this control is bound. If not bound, leave blank or specify: *unbound

Field name

Specify the field in the data bound table where this control should be saved.

NULL if blank

Applies only to SQL Tables. If the submitted data is blank, insert a NULL value into the SQL table.