Date/time display format


A property in the 'Fields' pane in the List Builder allows you to set the client-side display format for date, date/time and short-time fields.

The builder for the 'Date/time display format' field allows you to set the format to:

  • <None>

  • <Default> or <Default - date part only>(applies only to date/time fields)

  • a custom format

If you choose 'none' no client-side formatting rule is applied. This means that the date/time values will be displayed using the regional settings on the server from where the UX is loaded. So for example, if the server is located in Switzerland where the date format is dd.MM.yyyy, then dates in the List will be displayed like this: 31.12.2016. If you choose (or for a date/time field), the client side display format will match the setting for the 'Date format property' (shown below). This property is set on the Properties pane in the UX builder. This property can be overwritten at run-time by setting a session variable (__protected__clientSideDateFormat) at the time a user logs into your application.