The Client-side fields settings control the appearance and functionality of field data in the list control on the client-side.

Control type

Specify the control type to use to display the data in the List. If you choose 'RawData' then the data is not wrapped in any HTML tags (such as span or img) and you must add your own html markup to the template. Use 'CSSIcon' if the data in the field is the name of a CSS font icon (such as Font-Awesome) or an SVG icon.

In-line style

Specify the in-line style for the control. It is more efficient to use this property than the server-side in-line style because this property does not add to the amount of data that has to be sent from the server.

Word wrap

By default, when a long character value is shown in a List control the data in the list are truncated, not word-wrapped. The 'Word wrap' property allows you to turn on word-wrapping.

Word-wrapping option

Provides options for controlling how long text in a list column should be handled. By default, long text is truncated and ellipses are displayed to indicate that the text is truncated.


Specify the class for this control

Compute summary values

You can specify that client-side summary values should be computed for any column in a list.

Transform data type

Unless the List data source is a Javascript function (in which case you have complete control over the data types for each field in the List), all data in the List are string values.

Date format

Specify the date/time format so that the date string can be parsed into a JavaScript date object.

Date/time display format

A property in the 'Fields' pane in the List Builder allows you to set the client-side display format for date, date/time and short-time fields.

Numeric display format

The List Builder allows you to specify a client-side display format for numeric fields without directly editing the template for the field. This method is easier than editing the template.

Show/hide expression

An expression that, when evaluated, will display or hide the field.