Persist where


Defines where data should be persisted in an application. Data can be persisted to Local Storage or a device's file system (PhoneGap applications only.)


Specify if data should be persisted to the file system (rather than Local Storage) if running a PhoneGap application. When data is stored to 'LocalStorage', a maximum of 5MB of data can be stored. PhoneGap applications can take advantage of the device's file system using the 'FileSystem' option, allowing more than 5MB of data to be stored when the application is offline.

If 'FileSystem' is chosen and the application is not running in PhoneGap, the data will be persisted to Local Storage.

The Persist where property can be set to one of the following options:


Persist data to Local Storage. Local Storage can store up to 5MB of data total for an application.


Persist data to the File System. This option is only available in PhoneGap applications.