onFieldDblClick Event



An object that contains the following properties:


The row number that was clicked.


The name of field that was clicked.

fieldValueAny Type

The value in field that was clicked.


An object with data for row that was clicked.


Fires when the user double clicks on a field in a row in the List.


The onFieldDblClick event is triggered when the user double clicks a field in the List.

This event is only implemented for Label and RawData control types.


To learn more about the onFieldClick event, watch the videos below.

Field Level Events - Adding Events for Click, Double Click, and Right Click on a Field in a List

The List control has several events that fire when the user clicks, double clicks, taps, etc, on a List row. There are additional field-level events that also fire when the user performs these actions: onFieldClick, onFieldDblClick, and onFieldRightClick. When one of these events is triggered, the event handler that gets called is passed an object with the row number, the name of the field, and the value for the field. Watch the video below to learn more.