ViewBox Properties

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Allow any value

Allow setting the ViewBox to have a value not present in the ViewBox HTML. If this property is not checked then the ViewBox value can only be set to values (defined by the a5-value attribute in the ViewBox HTML) of selectable items.

Allow de-select

If only one item is selected and the user clicks on that item, should the item be de-selected?

Allow NULL selection

When the ViewBox is initially rendered, should the first selectable element in the ViewBox be automatically selected?

Auto-refresh when ViewBox value changes

Refresh the ViewBox when the 'value' of the ViewBox changes. The 'value' of the ViewBox changes (for example) when the .setValue() method is called to set the ViewBox value, or when the user clicks on an item in the ViewBox that is selectable.

Capture focus

Specify whether or not the ViewBox is a control that can capture focus. If the viewbox has controls, such as input controls or text areas, and you would like these controls to be able to get focus, you must uncheck this property.

Loop navigate

When navigating from one selected item to the next item using the arrow keys, should the first item in the ViewBox be selected when you navigate past the last item in the ViewBox.

Loop navigate null selection

If the user navigates past the last item in the ViewBox is the next item that is selected a null value, or the first item in the ViewBox?

Post-process Javascript

Fires after the HTML has been generated for the ViewBox control but before it is rendered in the browser.

Selection mode

Specify the selection mode. 'Default', Ctrl-tap to multi-select. 'Additive', each tap selects a new item and adds to the selected collection. Second tap removes the selected item.

Selection separator

Specify the delimeter for multiple selections. The 'value' returned by the ViewBox is all of the selected items, delimited by the selection delimeter. If you leave this blank the (new line) character is used.