Container height


Specify the container height. Use CSS syntax. Example: 3in, 100px, 33%, etc.


The Height property defines the height of the container. The height is specified using CSS syntax. For example:



In addition to values supported by CSS, you can also use the screen.height variable to set the container's height:

You cannot use screen.height when defining the in-line style for the container. You can only use screen.height in the container's Height property.

screen.height will adjust the height of the container to fill the vertical space of the screen. It can also be used with a simple expression to set the height of the container to a portion of the total screen height. For example, the following expression sets the height of the container to 50% of the screen height:


Using screen.height in Alignment Containers 

If you use an Alignment container and you set the Container vertical alignment property to Middle and you do NOT set the container height property, Alpha Anywhere will automatically set the container height property to screen.height.


Understanding the screen.height Property

When setting the height of a container you cannot use percentages. However, you use the special screen.height variable to represent 100% of the available height.

In this video we show how a container's height can be set using the screen.height property.


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