The Items pane is where you define the ControlBar's items. Items are the 'objects' that you place on the ControlBar layouts. There several different types of ControlBar items. These are: html, button, button-toggle, button-list and button-disclosure. The following properties are used to manipulate items in the ControlBar:

Advanced Properties

Advanced properties can be used to generate the JavaScript code used to display a disclosure.

Button Settings

The Button Settings determine the style of a button item when it is placed on a ControlBar. This includes specifying whether an icon or text will be used for a button and how the button will appear when it is pressed or hovered over.

Button Settings for Button-Toggle

These settings are used to specify the styling on a button-toggle button.

Button-List Settings

Settings for configuring the initial state, appearance, and behavior for a ControlBar Button-List item.

Button-Toggle Settings

The Button-Toggle Settings allow you to specify various aspects of the button-toggle item; such as whether the button-toggle will switch between two buttons (Two State) or more than two buttons (Multi-state) when a user clicks on it. These settings also allow for the definition of a 'Data variable'. This can be used as a hook that enables the button-toggle to interact with other controls, like a list control.

Button Action - SetActivePanel Properties

Configure the active panel shown when the ControlBar button is clicked.

Button Settings hide disclosure Properties

Settings for configuring the display of the hide disclosure button.

Button Settings show disclosure Properties

Settings for configuring the show disclosure button.

Clipping Rectangle Properties

Settings that define a clipping rectangle. Must be specified when a disclosure-button item's Display type is set to 'explicit'.

Common Settings Properties

Common Settings for disclosure-button items.

Disclosure Settings Properties

Disclosure Settings Properties

Edit Settings Properties

Edit Settings Properties

HTML Settings

Adding HTML Items to a ControlBar provides an easy means of adding dynamic text to the ControlBar. This can be useful in adding the titles of an active Panel to a ControlBar. HTML Items can also be used to simply build up the look and feel of the ControlBar.

Item Actions

Item actions specify what should happen when a user clicks, swipes, or interacts with an item in some other way. The action to be executed must be defined in the Actions pane of the ControlBar Builder before it can be assigned to a given item.

Item Properties

General properties for ControlBar Items.