The Fields tab in the Form View Builder is used to configure properties for the fields in the Data Source. This is where you define editors, display formats, and other settings for fields in the FormView control.


Editor settings, display formats, look up values, calculated expressions, etc, for fields in a FormView control are defined in the Fields tab of the Form View Builder.

Information about properties available for controls can be found in the sections below. Not all properties are available for all field types.

Field Properties

Basic properties for a field.

Image Field Properties

If you define a field as being an Image, in the Fields pane of the Form View Builder, the Image Field Properties will appear in the properties list when that field is highlighted. In order to specify that a field is an image change the Field type property from 'Unspecified'' to 'Image'. The [Field type] property is located in the Field Properties section of the Fields pane.


Settings that define the Editor and Editor set for the selected field.

Editor Settings

The Editor Settings inside the FormView builder allow you to define values to be passed to any editor or editor set containers in the ux component. Whether or not these values are consumed is determined inside the [Editor Properties] on each editor.

Other Settings

The Other Settings property opens the Other Settings dialog. These settings are important in creating the values of switch controls to be used in the Form View control.

Display Format Properties

Display Format Properties

Lookup Properties

Lookup Properties

Group Properties

The Create/manage/edit Groups link is used to create, manage, and edit Group Editors for the FormView control.