Data Bound Field Properties Properties


Settings for configuring data bound fields placed in the FormView's layout. A data bound field is a field from the FormView's data source.

Bound data field name

The field from the data source that is bound to the control.

Friendly name

If defined, the friendly name is used as the default label for the field.

Control Type

The control type used to display the data for the field.

Field name full path

The full path for the field name. If the data source contains hierarchical data (with nested arrays of data), the field name includes the parent field's name. For example, Children[].Name. This property is readonly.


A template to create unique styling for a given field in form view control.

Show/hide expression

An expression that determines whether or not the data bound control is visible in the FormView's layout.

Allow editing

Determines whether or not a field is editable.