Image Properties Properties


Settings for configuring a data-bound Image in the FormView layout.

Item class name

Specify a class name for the 'control wrapper'. If this value is blank, the value specified in the 'Form Properties' tab for the 'Item class name' will be used. If you do not want to use any value you can specify <None>.

Base64 prefix

The prefix (if required) to add to the base64 encoded image data. This is required if the image is base64 encoded and does not include a prefix.

Image class name

Specify one or more classes to apply to the image control.

Image inline style

Specify an in-line style to be applied to the image.

Missing image HTML

Specify the HTML to display if there is no image for this field in the current record.

Image display height/width

Specify the display width or height of the image. Use CSS syntax (e.g. 300px) - but not percentages (e.g. you cannot use '50%').

Image display dimension

Specify if the 'Image display height/width' property is a 'width' or 'height' property.