Layout Container Properties Properties


Settings for configuring a Layout Container.


The ID of the Layout Container.

Layout type

Defines the type of layout to use. The Layout Container can be a 'Flow', 'Freeform', or 'Column' container.

Control spacing

Specify the spacing at start and end of each line and between controls (if there is more than one control on a line).

Add spacing before first control on each row

Should the control spacing be added before the first column in a row

Add spacing after last control on each row

Should the control spacing be added after the last column in a row (the row must be explicitly ended by setting the control's Break property to 'After').

Freeform layout template

Defines the freeform layout template for the Layout Container.

Container class

Specify one or more classes to apply to the Layout container.

Container inline style

Specify the in-line style for the Layout Container.

Wrap each control in a containing div

Specify whether or not each control in the freeform layout should be wrapped in a containing DIV element.

Containing DIV class

Defines the class applied to the DIV that contains the Layout Container.

Containing DIV inline style

Defines in-line styling that should be applied to the DIV control that contains the Layout Container.

Show/hide expression

An expression that defines whether or not the Layout Container and the controls contained within it are visible.