Multiple Layouts


Multiple Layouts give users the option to view a Form View control in different ways. What the Form View' CSS looks like, what items appear on it, and how the control is structured can be easily altered when more than one layout has been defined. Checking the 'Has multiple layouts' property in the Form Properties section of the Form Properties pane will open the Multiple Layouts pane. New Form View layouts are created on this pane and then defined in the Form Layout pane as usual.

Method for designing Layout

This dropdown property has two options for designing a Layout: Genie and Freeform. All layouts are edited on the Form Layout pane, which also has a genie/freeform radio button option for design. If you choose 'genie' option as the 'Method for designing Layout' on the Multiple Layouts pane, you will see the genie open for that layout on the Form Layout pane; and likewise for the 'Freeform' option.

The Multiple Layouts pane

Unlike the List Control, the Form View has no pre-defined control for viewing different form view layouts in Live Preview. It is possible to see the different layouts in the Form View Builder itself by first defining a layout, selecting it at the bottom of the Form Layout Pane, and then clicking the preview button (lightning bolt) at the bottom of the Form View Builder.

Viewing a Form View Layout in the Form View's Preview pane.

In order to assign multiple layouts to different devices, such that different layouts load automatically whenever the screen size or orientation changes, see Responsive Layout Settings. These settings can be found on the UX Properties page.