Panel Card Properties


A [Panel Card] can be added to component through the 'Panels' menu. Panel cards are useful for defining the different screens, or panels, that a user will see as they navigate through an application on a mobile device. If panel cards are being used inside a component, then every control in that component must be inside a specified panel card. Panel card's come with their own set of properties, listed here:

Display name

Optional. Specify an optional display name to be used instead of the Id when the panel name is displayed in header or footer text.

Has background image

Specify if you would like to display a background image in the Panel Card.


Specify the Panel Id of the panel card.

Image name

Specify the image name.

Panel body class name

Classname for the 'body' section of the Panel card.

Panel body style

Set the in-line style for the Panel Card body. Typically you can leave this blank, except for the situation where you display an embedded Component in the Card. In this case, you will typically set the style to: padding: 0px;

Panel card type

Specify the Panel type.

Panel Class name

Classname for the Panel card.

Pinch to zoom

Enables support for the pinch gesture to zoom the Panel's contents.


If you have defined any sub-themes that can be applied to a panel card you can implement them here. Sub-themes can be created on the UX properties page, in the UX properties section, using the "Local sub-theme definitions - CSS" property.