Manage Mobile Apps with Apperian EASE


Mobile applications can be published directly to the Apperian EASE platform. The Apperian EASE platform can secure, manage and deploy enterprise mobile apps for all platforms.

Adobe has shut down PhoneGap Build as of October, 2020. You must use Cordova CLI or Ionic Appflow instead.

Apperian mobile application management platform provides:

  • An enterprise app store for distributing public, custom and web apps as well as configuration profiles

  • Rock-solid mobile app security using enterprise credentials

  • Diverse app wrapping policies without requiring code modifications or SDKs

  • One-time app distribution option for getting a single app deployed quickly

  • Seamless mobile enterprise integration with development platforms and identity providers

  • Flexible content management solution for distributing virtually any type of file content for mobile users

To publish apps to the Apperian Ease platform, you will need to setup an Apperian account. See the Apperian Web Site for more information.

To enable the Apperian features, from within the PhoneGap App Builder, check the Enable Apperian EASE Integration Options.

Next, enter your Apperian account credentials and make sure to specify the correct Apperian server. Different servers are used for US and non US accounts.

Once the Apperian features have been enabled, a number of optional items are enabled within the PhoneGap App Builder.

You will be able to save the App bundle for uploading to Apperian when you bring up the QRCode within the PhoneGap App Builder.

A button will be displayed at the base of the PhoneGap Build App Manager table to launch the Apperian Admin Console.

The Apperian Admin Console will display all apps you may have previously published to the Apperian EASE platform.

To Add A New App To Apperian 

Make sure to download and save the app bundle for the target platform. The app bundle files will be automatically saved to the appDownloads folder of the PhoneGapProjects target project directory.

Next click the Add App button and fill out the required information for submission to Apperian. All of the fields must has valid data and the version number should include a decimal, ie: 1.20, 0.20, 2.52, etc. The will be automatically retrieved from the app bundle.

To Update An Existing App 

Click the update button. You do not need to upload a new app bundle unless the files have changed. You can simply edit the information and save.

To Access the Apperian EASE Platform 

Log in to your Apperian EASE account at Apperian. Once you've logged in, you will see the files and data that have been uploaded from Alpha Anywhere. Further deployment options will be set within the Apperian EASE Management Console.

Keep in mind that you can update the app within Alpha Anywhere and update the app bundle and app meta data anytime.