Android Crosswalk Plugin


Enhanced application performance can be achieved in Android application using the Android Crosswalk Plugin for PhoneGap.


The Crosswalk Webview Engine plugin changes the default Webview to Crosswalk, which provides consistent, predictable behavior by reducing Android device fragmenation. Crosswalk uses the latest web innovations and APIs, providing a feature rich experience on all Android 4.0+ devices.

The NPM version of this plugin does NOT work with PhoneGap build. You must use one of the CLI versions of PhoneGap in order for this plugin to be enabled.

Crosswalk Benefits 

  • Performance improvements
  • Consistent WebView that doesn't change based on device/Android version
  • Enhanced capabilities: Adds WebRTC, WebAudio and Web Components

Crosswalk Drawbacks 

  • Increased memory footprint
  • Increased APK size (about 17MB)
  • Increased size on disk when installed (about 50MB)
  • Crosswalk WebView stores data (IndexedDB, LocalStorage, etc) separately from System WebView


Android; Requires PhoneGap 5.1.1 or greater

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