Camera With Exif Plugin


Capture Exif and geolocation information when the user takes a photo or uploads a photo from the Photo Library with the Camera With Exif PhoneGap Plugin.


The Camera With Exif PhoneGap plugin, developed by Alpha Software, is a modified version of the cordova-plugin-camera that provides the addition of the EXIF and geolocation metadata to all camera and gallery images and returns this metadata along with the image file URI to the success callback. This allows the image metadata to be stored to a database along with the image or the image file reference. The metadata does not need to be parsed from the image itself because it is included in the success callback.

See GitHub: cordova-plugin-camera-with-exif for the full documentation.

If you use the Image Capture - Camera/Photo Library action in Action Javascript and you use the Camera with Exit plugin, then when you write the Javascript to execute when image has been captured property, you will be able to reference this variables in your code:

  • options.EXIF.latitude
  • options.EXIF.longitude
  • options.EXIF.altitude
  • options.EXIF.dateTime
  • options.EXIF.ExifJSON - a JSON string with all of the EXIF data returned by the camera


Android, iOS

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