Custom URL Scheme Plugin


Create custom URLs to launch your application using the Cordova Custom URL Scheme Plugin.


The Cordova Custom URL Scheme Plugin has been integrated into Alpha Anywhere. This plugin can be used to create a custom URL that is used to launch your PhoneGap application. For example:


When you select the Cordova Custom URL Scheme Plugin, a dialog will appear to allow you to enter your custom URL scheme when you save the PhoneGap project.

The custom URL can be included in an email, web page, or another app. As long as your app is installed on the device and the link is triggered from an email, web page, or app that is being viewed or used on the device, then your app will load.

You can pass in parameters that can be used for deep linking -- redirecting the app to a specific page within your app. You can also pass Base64 encoded JSON as a parameter for further processing within your app.

The plugin supports an optional handleOpenURL(url) method, that receives the URL and parameters that were used to launch your app. This allows you to define a custom handler that can act on the path and parameters as required.

See the plugin documentation on NPM's website for further details and examples: cordova-plugin-customurlscheme

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