Report Bookmarks


Bookmarks can be added to a report. The bookmarks are shown as a tree control on the left-hand side of the report.


Bookmarks are shown in a tree control to the left of a report. Clicking on an entry in the bookmark tree will navigate to the corresponding page in a report. Unlike the table of contents or index, the appearance of the bookmarks section cannot be customized.

The Define Bookmarks menu option under the Report menu is used to add bookmarks to a report.

In the index builder, you will see several report sections listed that can be included in the index. Each report section can have an Bookmark expression that defines the entry in the index.

The following report sections can be bookmarked:

Report Section

The "Grand" section is the page header and footer.


The "Detail" section refers to each detail entry, which is typically repeated for each report record.

Group Break

If the report contains one or more group breaks, an entry for each break will be listed. For example, if a report contains group breaks for each invoice number, then a bookmark entry can be defined for the invoice number.

When defining bookmarks for the "Grand" section, you can define multiple bookmark entries, each pointing to a different object in the Report Header or Report Footer. The available objects will be listed in the Objects in Report Header and Footer list in the Define Bookmark Entries in the 'Grand' Section dialog.

For all other sections, you can define the following properties:

Bookmark expression

An expression that generates the text shown in the bookmarks section.

Target object

Object in the report that receives focus when the user clicks on the entry in the bookmarks section.

Every time a record in a report section is printed, the Bookmark expression is evaluated and a new entry is inserted into the bookmarks section. The text shown in the bookmarks section is the result of the expression.

When an entry in the bookmarks section is clicked, the corresponding page where the object is located is shown and the focus is given to the defined Target object.


Reports - Table of Contents, Bookmarks and Index

A Table of Contents, Bookmarks, or Index can be added to a report using the report builder. You can completely customize the entries that are made in the Table of Contents, Bookmark section, and Index. In addition, you can completely customize the layout of the Table of Contents section and Index section.

The entries that appear in the Table of Contents, Bookmark section, and Index are "live" - if you click on an entry, you will be navigated to the appropriate page in the report. In addition, when you print the report to a PDF file, the Table of Contents, Bookmarks, and Index are live.


Freeform and Layout Table Reports Only