Utilties for the Web Security System


Used to verify if the defined security tables can be found.


The Utilities tool is used to verify that the database where web security data is stored can be reached using the defined connection.

The tool is found in the Web Security window. It can be opened from the Web Projects Control Panel via the Web Security toolbar button.

The Web Security Utilities Tool is opened by clicking 'Utilities' in the Web Security dialog.

If the security system connects to the SQL tables with Active Link tables, the utility has an option to Validate Field Maps. The action will verify if the field map saved in the Active Link tables map to the correct field names in the SQL table.

The option will only check a single table if one is selected. If a table is selected, the option Clear Selected will remove the selection and allow checking all tables.

The option Show Connection String will show the actual connection string used by a table if the table is selected. The normal configuration would have the same connection for all tables.

Errors cannot be corrected if using Active Link tables, but the utility will show a message on close if any errors were found

Changes can be made and saved if the security system is using a DataLink file in place of Active Link tables. The option to Show Connection String is still shown, but the option to Validate Field Maps will open a genie to remap the fields if any errors were found in the existing map. The genie will only allow selecting fields that are of the correct data type and length.

A new option is shown to Change Connection String. This shows a list of available connections and can change the connection for all tables. The utility will check if the current tables exist in the new connection and will run the validation option is tables with the same names are found.

Another new option is Select New Table. This will show a list of tabled found in the SQL database that uses the connection. When a table is selected, the field map validation will run to allow remapping the field as needed. This option can also create a new table in the target database, but will not populate the new table with any data.

Changes can be saved by the Save Changes button which is activated if any changes were made.