Recalculate UX components


Bulk operation to recalculate all UX components.

This bulk operation has been replaced by the Update UX Components in Alpha Anywhere 4.5.0.

How to Perform a Recalculate UX components Bulk Operation 

  1. To perform a Recalculate UX components bulk operation, open the Web Projects Control Panel and select Bulk Operations > Recalculate UX components... from the Edit menu:

  2. Select the UX Components to Recalculate. Use the Select All, Un-Select All, and Wildcard Select links at the bottom of the Select UX Components to Recalculate dialog to choose the components to recalculate.

  3. Click OK to peform the bulk operation.

  4. Alpha Anywhere may prompt you to adjust settings in a UX Component that is being recalculated, such as to enable pre-render optimizations or change the error reporting style. You may optionally change the setting described in the prompt when the dialog is shown. Click OK to continue with the bulk operation.

    Pre-Render Optimization Prompt
    Using an Error Style Not Recommended for Use in Container Width Layout Mode Prompt
    You may see other prompts not shown here.
  5. A notice will be shown when the bulk operation completes. Click OK to close the notice.