Update Compiled Files for AJAX Grids


Bulk operation for updating the compiled files for Ajax Grid components.


Grid components use a special support file with a "_a5wcmp_compiled" file extension. The publish process uses this file to construct the published version of the Grid Component used at run time.

The file name for each 'compiled' file contains a string to synchronize the file with the timestamp of its parent Grid. Certain processes, such as copying a component from a remote location, may result in a missing or invalid 'compiled' file. The file 'compiled' may not exist, may no longer match the timestamp of the parent grid, or multiple copies of the 'compiled' file may exist for the same Grid component.

The Update Compiled Files for AJAX Grids bulk operation will test each Grid component and verify that it has a single valid 'compiled' file that matches the timestamp for the Grid component.

The bulk operation allows you to also specify whether or not the Grid component should be re-saved if any properties in the Grid Component have changed, which may occur if a new build has been installed after the Grid component's most recent modification.

How to Perform a Update Compiled Files for AJAX Grids Bulk Operation 

  1. To perform a Update Compiled Files for AJAX Grids bulk operation, open the Web Projects Control Panel and select Bulk Operations > Update Compiled Files for AJAX Grids... from the Edit menu:

  2. Choose whether only invalid 'compiled' files should be updated or if all Grid Components should be recompiled.

    Optionally, check (or uncheck) the Resave component if properties have changed checkbox. A Grid Component's properties can change if a new version of Alpha Anywhere has been installed since the Grid was last modified.

  3. Click OK to run the bulk operation.

    This process may take a number of minutes to complete.