CSS, SVG, and Styling Applications


CSS in Alpha Anywhere

Color Picker

The color picker is used to select colors for CSS properties, SVG Icons, etc.

Stylesheet Builder

A new Style Builder is available for Alpha Anywhere Sass Styles. Alpha Anywhere styles that were released in older versions of Alpha Five (e.g. MobBlue, MobGreen, GrBlue, etc) are CSS styles. Newer styles (e.g. iOS, iOS7, AndroidLight, AndroidDark) are Sass styles.

Alpha Anywhere Stylesheets

Alpha Anywhere ships with several style sheets that can be used in mobile and web applications.


Sub-themes are pre-defined CSS classes that can be applied to a control using Javascript. This is in addition to the main style that is defined for a component. Most of the controls in Alpha Anywhere that are written in Javascript contain a sub-theme property.


Alpha Anywhere now comes with a set of pre-defined SVG icons that can be used with any style. These SVG icons are the same icons that the new Alpha stylesheet uses.