Create Grid Component From Meta Data File


Generate a Grid component from a Grid Meta Data File.


Published grid components do not include meta data that is needed to open the component in the Grid Builder. Therefore the published grid files found in the server webroot can not be edited in the Grid component Builder. Alpha Anywhere generates a special meta data file when a component is published that can be used to create a Grid Component. The Publish Grid Meta Data Files option is available for all publishing profiles. When this option is selected, a special data file with the component name and a '_a5wcmp_metadata' file extension will be published when the grid is published. The _awcmp_metadata file is used by the Create Grid Component From Meta Data File operation to generate a Grid Component using the meta data stored in the file.

A Grid Component can be re-created from a '_a5wcmp_metadata' file.

  1. Download the meta data file that was published to the Application Server for the desired Grid Component.

  2. Select Create Grid Component From Meta Data File from the More... dropdown menu on the Web Projects Control Panel.

  3. Select the meta data file downloaded from the server.

  4. If a component exists with the same name, choose to replace the existing file or rename the new Grid Component that will be created from the meta data file.

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