What is the Difference Between an Xbasic Module and an Xbasic Function Library?


While an Xbasic Function Library and Xbasic Module may seem to be the same thing, the two Xbasic constructs have several key differences.


On the surface an Xbasic Function Library and an Xbasic Module seem similar in that they are both files in which you can define multiple Xbasic functions.

However an Xbasic Module only makes 'public' certain of the functions and classes it defines (through use of the 'exports' keyword) and the exported functions are all in their own namespace and must be called using the namespace prefix.

On the other hand an Xbasic Function Library must be linked into a component before any of the functions defined in the library can be called. The functions defined in the Xbasic Function Library are in the same namespace as any locally defined functions in the component itself.

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