An Alpha Anywhere workspace contains all files for a desktop, mobile, or web application.

Bulk Operation

Bulk operations.

Clone Workspace

Duplicates a workspace and saves it in a new location with a new name.

Finding Component Dependencies

Find out what references and is referenced by a component using the Show dependencies for this component... tool.

Managing Web Components

The Web Projects Control Panel has several tools to assist in the management of the files that are used to compose web pages.

Node Services and Modules

Tools for adding and working with Node Services and Node Modules in a workspace.

Remote Testing

Remote Testing published the component to the LivePreview folder on the development machine, allowing the component to be tested in the browser on a remote device, such as a phone or tablet.

Speed Typing Glossary

Create abbreviations for inserting code snippets using Alpha Anywhere's auto-complete system.

Web Application Repository

An overview of functions relating to Web Application Repositories, tables where web applications read and write data.

Web Contact Manager Template

A basic template using SQL queries that you can use to get started.

Web Projects, Profiles, and Publishing

A web project is a collection of pages, images, and files that compose a web application that is published to a web server. Every web application workspace contains at least one web project (the default web project is called "Default"), but can have as many web projects as necessary. Each web project is stored in a separate folder in the workspace.

Workspace application types

Alpha Anywhere applications are divided into two types of workspaces: Desktop and Web/Mobile.

Xbasic Function Libraries, Modules, and External Classes

Xbasic scripts used in mobile and web applications can be added to a workspace as Xbasic Function Libraries, Modules, or Class files.