Report Help Pages


Pages relating to reports.


  • Report Overview

 Creating a Report

  • Creating Reports

  • Using Quick Report

  • Using the Report Editor

  • Importing a Layout as a Starting Point for a New Report

 Report Structure

  • Report Structure

  • The Report Section

  • The Detail Section

  • Expanding the Detail Section

  • Edit Regions

  • Inserting and Removing Edit Regions

 Ordering and Selecting Records

  • Ordering and Selecting Records

  • Setting Selection and Order Criteria

  • Additional Selection and Ordering Criteria

  • Base the Report on a Query

 Grouping Related Records

  • Grouping Related Records

  • Grouping Levels

  • Creating and Removing Groups

  • Groups Inside of Groups

  • Creating a Group Break Expression

  • Ordering Records in a Group

 Headers and Footers

  • Headers and Footers

  • Special Headers and Footers

  • Page Headers and Footers

  • Examples of Page Headers and Footers

  • Creating a Report Header or Footer

  • Creating an Edit Region Header or Footer

  • Continuation Headers and Footers

  • Examples of a Continuation Header and Footer

  • Repeating Group Headers and Footers

  • Creating a Repeating Group Header or Footer


  • Creating Sub-Reports

  • Filtering Sub-Report Records

  • Setting the Subgroup Parameter for a Sub-Report

 Adding System and Calculated Fields

  • Page Numbers and Dates

  • Inserting Calculations

  • Placing a Running Count on a Report

  • Proper Use of the GRP -> Sub_Group Expression

 Printing Techniques

  • Printing Images

  • Keeping Things Together on a Page

  • Inserting a Page Break

  • Suppressing Blank Space on a Report

 Design Techniques

  • Reverse Sets for Reporting Purposes

  • Dividing a Report into Columns

  • Designing Reports for Sets with One-to-Many Links

  • Reports with Different Left and Right Margins

 Managing Reports

  • Report Preferences

  • Copying a Report to Another Database

  • Archiving a Report

  • Emailing a Report

  • Faxing a Report

 General Reporting Links