DLG_MAINTOPT Dialog Component


The DLG_MAINTOPT dialog component contains two radio buttons and two buttons.


The DLG_MAINTOPT dialog component selects an administrative maintenance operation to run. The options include:

  • Clear empty carts - calls the ASWPROCESSING.A5W page.

  • Pack or Re-Index tables - calls the ASWPACKREINDEX.A5W page



 Options Control Property Settings

 Notable Component Property Settings

 Event Code

This AfterValidate event code calls the ASWPROCESSING.A5W page or the ASWPACKREINDEX.A5W page based on the option selected.

if alltrim(CurrentForm.Controls.Options) = "cart"
    CurrentForm.RedirectTarget = "aswprocessing.a5w"
elseif alltrim(CurrentForm.Controls.options) = "PR"
    CurrentForm.RedirectTarget = "aswpackreindex.a5w"
end if

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