Map User Table Dialog

This approach is obsolete in Alpha Anywhere. See Web Application Security Guide.


The Map User Table dialog allows you to define which User Table fields will store security values. The table must at a minimum have 4 fields with these properties.

  1. Optionally, click Required Fields to see the definition of the required fields.

  2. To map variables to table fields:

    • Select each variable under the Required Fields column.

    • Select the appropriate field that matches it from the Table Fields Not Mapped column.

    • Click Move Next button.

  3. Click Save when the mapping is completed.

If there is an entry in the Required Fields list that is not in your user table:

  1. Click Required Fields to display the Required Fields dialog.

  2. Select the field that you need to add to your table and click Add Field button to Table to display the ??? dialog.

  3. Enter the definition of the new field and click Add Field to Table.

  4. Click Close to return to the Required Fields dialog.

  5. Click Close to return to the Map User Table dialog.


Web publishing applications only.

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