Deployment of Desktop/Web Apps and Mobile Apps


Alpha Anywhere applications consist of client-side code (HTML5 and Javascript) and server-side code (typically Xbasic). When you deploy your application, the server-side code is copied to a Windows based machine that is running either the Alpha Anywhere Application or the Alpha Anywhere Application Server for IIS.

As for the client-side code, it can be delivered in one of two ways depending on whether it is being used on a mobile device or on a desktop/laptop computer.

Desktop and Laptop computers do not require that the application to be installed. Instead, the application is accessed by entering the application's IP address or URL into the browser.

On a mobile device, you can also use the device's web browser to access your application, like you would on a desktop or laptop. Or, you can package up the application for distribution in a public or private app store - like the Apple App Store or Google Play. Packaging an application requires a few more steps, but it allows you to take advantage of the mobile device's hardware - such as the ability to store more than 5MB of data and the ability to scan bar codes and QR codes using the device's camera.

 Alpha Anywhere Application Server Vs. Alpha Anywhere Application Server for IIS

There are two versions of Alpha's application server, they are the Alpha Application Server (which is the stand alone version) and there is the Alpha Anywhere Application Server for IIS.

The stand alone version is easier to configure and set up, and may be a good choice for smaller deployments. The Application Server for IIS, requires some IIS configuration making it a bit more involved to set up, but it takes advantage of scaling and security features (like Active Directory) that are included with IIS.

Here are two links for installing and running the Alpha Anywhere Application Server (stand alone version). The first describes setup and installation. The second describes how to get the server to restart automatically when the machine is rebooted (as happens with an automatic Windows Update)

Here is the link for Alpha Anywhere Application Server for IIS Installation and Setup.

 Publishing Files to the Server (Publishing Profiles)

The Web components, web pages, javascript and other files that make up your application need to be published before the application can be used. The publishing compiles your web components so they can be run and copies the necessary files to the directory on the server from which they will be served.

The Alpha Developer handles all of this for you using a Publishing Profile. A Publishing Profile is a collection of settings that Alpha refers to in order to determine how and where the files should be published.

The process of setting up a publishing varies depending on whether your are using the Alpha Anywhere Standard Application Server or the Alpha Anywhere Application Server for IIS.

Directions for Creating a Publishing Profile for the IIS Version of the Server.

Directions for Creating Publishing Profile for the Standard Application Server:

 Publishing With PhoneGap

If your project uses PhoneGap features, you will also need to publish some (or all) of your client files to PhoneGap Build. This is outlined in the Alpha Anywhere with PhoneGap Documentation.

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