What are Components?


Components are collections of client-side and server-side code that give your application its look, feel, and functionality. You create them through the use of component builders in the Alpha Anywhere Developer IDE. There are currently 15 types of components, each with a corresponding builder. Most of these are for specific tasks such as the Video Player component for playing videos, and the Google Map component for displaying maps. There is also a special component called the UX component, which is used to build the application's interface. In practice, many mobile applications will consist of just a single UX component.

 List of Component

You can see the list of available components and component builders. To do this:

  1. On the Web Projects Control Panel, click the New button. The New File dialog box appears.

  2. Choose Web Component and click Next. A list of collection component types appears.

  3. Click on a particular component to see its description at the bottom of the dialog.

 UX Component

The UX component is the primary component for giving your application its look, feel, and functionality. In fact, many Alpha Anywhere mobile applications consist of a single UX component and no other component types. The UX component is extensively documented in the video library.