Web Application Functions


Alpha Anywhere provides the following functions for working with web applications.

Web Application Menu Functions

Functions for working with menus in web applications.

Web Application Script Functions

Functions for working with scripts in web applications.

a5w_DeleteFromWebAppRepository Function

Deletes a key from the web application repository.

a5w_EnumerateWebAppRepository Function

Lists keys in the web app repository.

a5w_GetFromWebAppRepository Function

Used in a Web application to read data to the Web Application Repository.

a5w_SaveToWebAppRepository Function

Used in a Web application to save data to the Web Application Repository.

A5_AllWebFiles Function

Gets a list of all .a5w and .a5wcmp files in the current web project.

A5_EditComponentStyle Function

Used to Invoke the web component style builder from the Edit menu of the Web control panel.

a5_exif_getLatLon Function

Reads a jpeg file and extracts GPS Lat/Lon, formatted for use with Google Maps, if present.

a5_globalSetting_add Function

Adds a setting to the Global Settings table.

a5_globalSetting_delete Function

Deletes a setting from the Global Settings table.

a5_globalSetting_get Function

Reads a setting from the Global Settings table.


Queries an ADO Record Set to return an OPTION list for use in an HTML form.


Queries a Table or Set to return an OPTION list for use in an HTML form.


Creates the <option> ....</option> syntax from a crlf delimited list for use in an HTML list or combo box

A5_WebCPOpen Function

Open the Web Control Panel


Generate code for Checkbox controls.

A5W_LOAD_AEX Function

Deprecated. The .AEX file can be placed in any directory.


Loads a web component into an A5W page and returns a pointer to its data structure.


Used to generate radio button HTML markup for a web page.


Deprecated. Unloads the Addin library that was loaded by a previous call to the 5w_load_aex() function.

a5wcb_editJavascript Function

Used in Component Builder to prompt for javascript code.

A5WS_ImportUsersDbf Function

Import selected User records from an external table into the current project web security users table

A5WS_LockOutUserRelease Function

Web Security - Release the User Value if it is currently locked

A5WS_LockOutUserSet Function

Web Security - Lockout the User Value until the set time / date. If 'UntilTime' is not entered, the User Value is locked out indefinitely until manually released

A5WS_LockOutUserStatus Function

Determine if a specific UserValue is locked out. Returns blank if UserValue not locked out, and returns 'locked out until time' as character if locked out.

A5WS_Logged_In_User_Values Function

Show available field values for current logged in user. All values will return as character.


Load UDF's from an .ALB file into memory - permission can be Application,Addin or System.


Create a udf from the UDF script.