Web Application Component Functions


Alpha Anywhere provides the following functions for working with components in web applications.

a5_add_word_to_list Function

used in the web components to add new entries to a list for a dropdownbox

A5_CSS_EDITOR Function

Edit css.

a5_loadwebcomponent Function

Used in .A5W pages to load a web component

a5_loadwebcomponent_embedded Function

Used in desktop embedded .A5W pages to load a web component

A5_Run_JavaScript Function

Evaluates Javascript code and returns the result

a5_ux_action Function

Perform an action on the UX during an ajax callback. actionType is: 'ajaxListAction' (default), 'populateControlsFromTable'

a5_webcomponentopeninwindow Function

Open a Grid component in an Xdialog window. Use op.base_filter, op.user_filter, op.link and op.argumentBindings to define a filter for the Grid. op.height and op.width define the window size.

a5_webcomponentpicker Function

Open the web component picker. If componentType = "", then shows all types. If Project = "" then includes combox box to select project. If shortname is .t., then shows name of component relative to project folder.

a5gridhelper_getstylejs Function
a5w_run_component Function

Executes a Web Component. Picks the appropriate function to run the component by referencing the .ComponentType property

a5w_workqueueactionlow Function

Used in a Web application to save/read data to the Work Queue.

a5wcb_defineclasses Function

Define the global classes used with web components

a5wcb_frametemplate Function

Computes template for frames in dialogs and grids

a5wcb_updatecompiledgrids Function

Loops through all grid components in a project, then creates a compiled file as needed for Ajax enabled grids (._a5wcmp_compiled)

ComponentGuid Function

Returns the GUID for the current component. Only for use in creating a filter to find records in the Repository that belong to the current component.