A5Storage::SubContainer Class


Manages access to a folder or sub-path within a DataContainer.


The A5Storage::SubContainer class manages access to a specific "folder" or "sub-path" within a data container. As with the A5Storage::DataContainer object, a SubContainer acts as the reference point from which other objects are referenced below it in the hierarchy. It does this by maintaining a "prefix" or "path" if you will, which all references are assumed to include.

If the SubContainer references an object on disk, the prefix is a folder or partial folder path. The full object path will be the concatenation of the disk path for the container, the prefix, and the path embedded in the storage name (as a relative path).

A slash ("/") is added to each part of the container/sub-container hierarchy to form the full path to the storage object.



When using a static method, the CallResult property will hold information for the result of calling the static method.


The parent DataContainer.


A folder or sub-path found within the parent Storage container.


ClearTaskList Method


CopyContentsTo Method

This function will copy all items to another SubContainer. Any existing items will be replaced.

CopyItemTo Method

Copies an item to another SubContainer.

CopyNewContentsTo Method

This function will copy all items that are newer to another SubContainer.

DeleteItem Method

Deletes an object. If the object does not exist, no error will be returned.

FullPath Method


GetItem Method

Retrieves an item from the container using the name you provide. The content type is also returned.

ItemExists Method


ItemModifiedTime Method


ItemSize Method


ListItems Method

Lists the contents of the container as a CR-LF delimited string.

Open Method

Opens a Storage SubContainer based on a connection string and the prefix provided.

Purge Method


ReferenceItem Method

Creates and returns a reference to an item within the container.

SaveItemToFile Method

Creates a file from an object in the Storage container.

SetItem Method

Sets the contents of the specified item.

SetItemAsync Method


SetItemFromFile Method

Copies a file to the specified Storage item..

SetItemFromFileAsync Method


SetItemPermissions Method


WaitForAllSetItemCallsToFinish Method


WriteItemToStream Method

Retrieves an item from the Storage container using the name provided and writes it to the provided stream variable.

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