CSS::StyleSheet Class


Properties and methods in the CSS::StyleSheet Class.



scssComments property


scssVariable property


Comments before any of the elements


Comments after style element

itemCSS::Selector Array

Item array for stylesheet selectors

mediaCSS::Media Array

Media block for style sheet


Addmedia Method

Add a media.

AppendStyleSheet Method

Add styles to the current style sheet.

ApplyDividerStyles Method

Add to a specified class border style overrides from another class applied to specified edge (top,left,bottom,right).

CollectSameSelectors Method

Compress selectors that match exactly.

CSS3FromLegacy Method

Set undefined CSS3 features when legacy mozilla Or WebKit attributes.

CSS3StripLegacy Method

Clear out any legacy mozilla Or WebKit attributes already represented by CSS3 standard attributes in style (unbloat).

CSS3ToLegacy Method

Represent any CSS3 features as legacy Mozilla and WebKit attributes (bloat).

Deleteitem Method

Delete a item.

Deletemedia Method

Delete a media.

ExpandBoxStyles Method

Expands 'box' styles based on root style(s) (if borders are defined) - removes borders from the 'base' style, which will only be kept around if it includes non-border properties.

ExtractStyles Method

Returns a subset stylesheet based on styles that match selectors in list of patterns.

FindSelector Method

Returns the index into item[] of the selector that matches the pattern.

FindSelectors Method

Returns a cr-lf delimited list of selector names that match the pattern.

FlattenSelectors Method

One class per selector.

FromString Method

Convert CSS style sheet text to an style definition.

HasCSS3 Method

Returns true if style sheet includes CSS3 attributes.

Insertitem Method

Insert a new item.

Insertmedia Method

Insert a new media.

MergeLikeSelectors Method

last duplicate selectors overwrite values in later selectors.

Moveitem Method

Move a block of item items.

Movemedia Method

Move a block of media items.

Output Method

Create CSS output & object (with filter and output expression) and process it.

OutputProcess Method

Process the CSS output (i.e. filter + output combination).

PurgeFirstSelectors Method

Purge first duplicate selectors.

PurgeLastSelectors Method

Purge last duplicate selectors.

Selectors Method

Get a list of selectors.

SelectorsCombine Method

Returns a styleDef that combines all the attributes from the named selectors (cr-lf delimited list) - any attributes that are NOT common to all will have a value of <Multiple>.

ToString Method

Output the CSS style sheet text that represents the style sheet definition.

UnFlattenSelectors Method

Attempt to restore prior selector.

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