Enables merchants to authorize, settle and manage credit card or electronic check transactions.


Authorize.Net provides Internet Protocol (IP) payment gateway services that enable merchants to authorize, settle and manage credit card or electronic check transactions. The Authorize.Net Payment Gateway is a secure Internet bridge between merchant businesses and the credit card payment processing network. It provides merchants with fast, reliable and secure passage for transaction data via a 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Internet Protocol (IP) connection, and manages the complex routing of payment information to the appropriate credit card processors. For more information, see the Authorize.Net website. The AuthorizeNet_Transaction object allows you to submit credit card transactions to Authorize.Net. It does not support e-checks.


For full and current descriptions of each property and what qualifies as a valid value, refer to Authorize.Net's Advanced Integration Method (AIM) Implementation Guide Version 1.0 dated 1/17/2005.

  •  Login

    Login ID

  •  Tran_Key

    Transaction key

  •  Amount

    Total transaction amount: can be numeric or character data

  •  Card_Num

    Credit card number: can be numeric or character data

  •  Exp_Date

    Expiration date, valid formats are:

    • MMYY

    • MM/YY

    • MM-YY

    • MMYYYY

    • MM/YYYY

    • MM-YYYY

    • YYYY-MM-DD

    • YYYY/MM/DD

  •  Type

    One of the following:




    • CREDIT

    • VOID


  •  Mode (optional)

    One of the following:

    • Live: https://secure.authorize.net/gateway/transact.dll(external link) (default)

    • Test: https://test.authorize.net/gateway/transact.dll(external link)

    • Validate: https://developer.authorize.net/param_dump.asp(external link)

    • Certify: https://certification.authorize.net/gateway/transact.dll(external link)



Logical. Indicates TRUE if the transaction server accepted the request and attempted to process the transaction. This return value does not indicate the success or failure of the actual credit card transaction.

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