SQL::Query::ColumnOrder Object


Internal use only. A SQL::Query::ColumnOrder object describes an entry in the ORDER BY clause.


The SQL::Query::ColumnOrder object has the following properties.


Column SQL::Query:: ColumnReference, SQL::Query:: ValueExpression, SQL::Query

Type Read Write. Each item can be one of the types to the left. Semantically, the expression must match an expression in the select list.

ColumnReferencesReferenceList of SQL::Query::ColumnReference

Type Read Only. An array of all column references in the query (including nested occurrences). Behaves the same way as .SelectTableReferences.

FunctionReferencesReferenceList of SQL::Query::ValueExpression

Type Read Only. An array of all function calls. Behaves the same way as .SelectTableReferences.


Type Read Write. See Enumerated Type Values.

SelectTableReferencesReferenceList of SQL::Query::SelectTableReference

Type Read Only. An array of all table references in the from clause and those joined to them. This array is created when the property is requested, but can become out of date. Use the Resynch()function on any variable holding this list when any changes are made.


Type Read Only. Returns the name of the underlying token as a type. This does NOT include the "SQL::Query::" prefix.

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