SQL::Query::Join Object


Internal use only. The SQL::Query::Join object fully describes the joining of a parent table to a referenced table. Key properties include .JoinType and (if an outer join) the .OuterJoinType.

SQL::Query::Join::Parse Function

Parse the SQLStatement passed (or the value previously set into the SQLStatement property).

SQL::Query::Join::Reset Function

Reset the query as if it had just been created.

Joins can nest. A SelectTableReference can contain a join and that join has a table reference which can also contain a join and so on.

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ColumnReferencesReferenceList of SQL::Query:: ColumnReference

Read Only. An array of all column references in the query (including nested occurrences). Behaves the same way as .SelectTableReferences.


Read Only. The column number of the last error reported by the parser.


Read Only. The text of the last parser error reported.

FunctionReferencesReferenceList of SQL::Query:: ValueExpression

Read Only. An array of all function calls. Behaves the same way as .SelectTableReferences.


Read Write. See Enumeration


Read Only. For internal debugging. Returns a string description of the mapping between the ANTLR grammar and the Xbasic objects.

OnSQL::Query:: LogicalExpression

Read Write. The inclusion criteria for the join.

OuterJoinTypeSQL::Query:: OuterJoinType

Read Write. See Enumeration


Read Only. For internal debugging. A string description of the underlying parse tree.


Read Write. A variable that can be assigned a syntax string without parsing it. If no value is passed to the Parse() method, this value is used.

TableSQL::Query:: SelectTableReference

Read Write. The table to be joined. Note: This SelectTableReference may include nested joins.

SelectTableReferencesReferenceList of SQL::Query:: SelectTableReference

Read Only. An array of all table references in the query (including those nested inside of sub-selects and joins). This array is created when the property is requested, but can become out of date. Use the Resynch() method on any variable holding this list when any changes are made.


Read Only. "Join".


Read Write. Creates XML from the tree or recreates the tree from the XML.

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