SQL::Query::SelectItem Object


Internal use only. Describes a data item to be retrieved by a SELECT statement.


Internal use only. A SQL::Query::SelectItem object describes a data item to be retrieved by a SELECT statement. Each item in the select list may be one of the three types listed in the table below. The source variable should be checked using the .TokenTypeName property before accessing any of its members. For example:

Query.Parse("select t1.MyName, 'Hello' as Message from NameTable T1")
for I = 1 to Query.Column.Count
    if Query.Column[i].Source.TokenTypeName = "ColumnReference" then
        ui_msg_box("Column is a reference", Query.Column[i].Source.Name)
    end if



Read Write. The name to assign to the column, query or value within the select list.

SourceSQL::Query:: ColumnReference, SQL::Query:: ValueExpression, SQL::Query

Read Write. Each item can be one of the types to the left.


Read Only. Returns the name of the underlying token as a type. This does NOT include the "SQL::Query::" prefix.

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