SQL::Query::SelectTableReference Object


Internal use only. Describes a reference to a table.

Internal use only. The SQL::Query::SelectTableReference object describes a reference to a table. It occurs in the FROM clause or in a JOIN clause. At a low level, you can use this object to build up a complete query without ever calling a parse method.

dim Query as SQL::Query
dim MyTable as SQL::Query::SelectTableReference
MyTable.Name = "customer"
MyTable.Alias = "cust"



Read Write. A unique name for the table. This is used in cases where two tables have defined same column name or when a table is joined to itself.

JoinList of SQL::Query::Join

Read Write. A list of join clauses. Note: The join object includes a property that is a table reference itself. This can nest multiple levels.


Read Write. The base name of the table.


Read Write. The name of the table owner. Note: Schema is not supported yet.

TokenTypeNameRead Only


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